Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Strange Ramblings

I'm not a particularly patient driver. In fact, I'd say my personality pulls a whole 180 when I'm behind the wheel and all I want to do is get where I need to be. I just can't help myself. The other day a middle aged woman in a mini van cut me off at the drive thru lane at McDonald's. I was infuriated. I happened to find her later while stopped at the same intersection, so I took pictures of her hoarding what appeared to be a McDouble down her throat (while all her kids in the back just sat and watched her). I'll attach the picture below, and if anyone knows the whereabouts of this woman, please contact me.

I woke up in the middle of the night the other day to the pitter pattering of rain outside my bedroom window. It was so majestic I couldn't help but listen in awe the rest of the night long.

Some people have amazing dreams, others don't dream, and then there are those who have nightmares. I hate nightmares. And it seems in my dreamland that nightmares are the only things that ever occupy my mind. Usually running from someone (90% of the time it's a witch... it's a child hood phobia of mine), or of me falling from a very high building, etc. The other night I was on the 48th floor of Caesar's Palace when it decided to collapse, after being chased by some mob. If dreams are any indication of insanity than I'm full fledged insane.

You know when you are exercising a lot, dieting real hard and feel really good about yourself, up until the moment you check that scale? Yeah, I loathe that moment too. Which seems to be every day for me. Except a lot of times I don't diet so well. Or exercise so well. Oh wait, I guess it makes sense then. Well all the same, I still hate the scale.

Speaking of weight my puppy, Zoey, at 7 months, is now 36.6 pounds big! When I took her home on Christmas Eve she was less than 4 lbs, which makes her 9 times bigger since then. She's a beast! And whoever said that Siberian Huskies shed only twice a year deserves to be incarcerated. Yes, I realize, she is shedding her winter coat, but she's been doing that for the past 3 months. That aint no 2 times a year! Despite daily combings and vacuuming, her hair shows up everywhere, including my food.

Speaking of Dogs, my sister Sarah's dog, Annabelle, a puggle, is I swear the spawn of Satan.  I love her, but I fear her.

I'm obsessed with cake decorating lately. I've spent a great portion of my life watching YouTube videos on how to make "gum paste lilies" and in my mind I've reached the point where I'm pretty incredible at it, now I just have to translate that to actual cakes. We'll see how that goes.

It is a sad day for my manhood to learn I can't pee on command. I mean, it took me over an hour, 3 liters of water and 3 attempts until I was finally able to. Such embarrassment.

I have the most amazing group of family and friends that surround me.

And hmm.. that's about all I got for me right now.

Happy Wednesday!

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