Thursday, March 7, 2013

Making Acquaintance

Hello Blog World.

It's nice to make your acquaintance. I know we both don't really know each other, but I hope in time we can change that.  Let me start by introducing myself to you. My name is Bryan Clark and I'm a Mormon. Wait, Stop there. I know what you're thinking: this sounds oddly like one of  those pestering "I'm a Mormon" advertising commercials. And here I thought I could be so clever to snag that in there! So close. If only I had the talent of Brandon Flowers, or the unique job capability of designing roller coasters, or that debilitating disease which left me arm less in  childhood. Then, then I could use that as my claim to Mormondom fame. If only.  I'm pretty normal. Well relatively normal that is. I'd like to think of myself as a special person with unique gifts when it comes to seeing the world and those around me. But who knows, maybe I'm delusional, you can judge for yourself.
Here's me:

Sexy, right? I think I was going for classy fella meets debonair model here. Do you see the Superman like physique here also? Perhaps not. I'm working on it, Henry Cavill has a hard physique to live up to. One day soon, mark my words. 

Let's shorten this introduction shall we? Afterall, what kind of college student stays up till 2 am in the morning, creating a blog, ignoring the inevitable homework he has to finish for later in the day? Sometimes I also have the feeling of doing crystal meth, but then I think 'Hmm, better not' (name that movie!).  So on second thought, I'll keep ignoring the homework due. Reality check no thank you. 

A couple other tidbits to get things started: I'm a triplet and 8th in the family of 9 kids (big family I know, I love it). The number 8 also happens to be my lucky number.  I grew up in New York, moved to Utah as a teenager and am now currently finishing school at BYU. I'm a lover of milkshakes, awkward moments (just wait for when my dating book comes out in the future), and Taylor Swift love songs (does she write anything else?). Call me a hopeless romantic. 

Oh, and here's a picture of me with my beautiful triplet sisters:
(Sorry fellas, the one on the left has long since been taken, and the middle sister is too good for any normal chum. You'd need to go through me first)

On the more serious side, I'd never till recently decided on writing a blog. I've always thought it beyond my comfort zone.  But life is meant to change you,and I've been experiencing a lot of change lately. So here I am, embracing this change, hoping it serves some greater purpose for me and who knows, perhaps you also. I'd really like to think it will. 

I love this quote. This is what I hope to embody in my blog. I must confess that the whole premise behind this blog comes from a TED talk given by this same author, Brene Brown. Within this talk she speaks about the transforming power of accepting vulnerability in our lives. From her research, she decides to refer to those who accepted vulnerability and seemed to have a sense of worth as being 'wholehearted'. If you have not watched this talk, do it, and take notes. Here's a link to that talk before I forget it:

'Nuff said, right? What an amazing insight to life. So here's to living wholehearted. Here's to embracing the beauty in every person, situation, and idea. Here's to risking the unmeasurable, and accepting imperfection. This blog will be an open forum of ideas, thoughts and experiences I believe embody wholeheartedness. It's meant to be insightful as much as educational. It will most likely get deeply personal as much as fun lighthearted. I can't limit it.  What I do know is that whatever I choose to share on here will be meant to stretch me. I can do this. We can do this. Afterall, we're worth it. 

It's nice to finally meet you Blog World, and here's to the start of hopefully a beautiful, enduring friendship.

Bryan Clark


  1. Nice start! You better keep writing, bro. I already have a post idea that is going to reference this post.


  2. Ditto, thanks brotha! I definitely want to keep at this, our blogs will grow and be best friends, I know it! ;) Haha, I'm actually really excited about being a blogger, if not anything but what it'll do for me.