Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starry Night

It's been awhile since I've written a blog update, I apologize for those of you who sincerely care. For this post today, I thought I would share a poem that I wrote awhile ago actually, back as a freshman in college for my humanities class. It was written semi hazardously, the night before it was due. Yet, to this day, I still feel it to be one of my moments of greatest inspiration. You may find that my poetry skills are a bit elementary, and assuredly they are. But nevertheless, I hope you enjoy.

 Starry Night

Once Upon a Starry Night
In quaint a little town
A man caught vision of Great Destiny,
A world above, so heavenly

The stars they shined
The moon was bright
Peaceful bliss shone through the night

The man’s one thought
He longed’ declare
Was rising from him in the air

“Awake my heart! Don’t sleep within
No more withhold these chains I’m in
Let me soar within blue skies,
Mind and Soul loosed from all ties

From bitter darkness, my song ring free!
To Him! Will all my anthems be
Please let me out of prison’s gate
Must my longing still have to wait?!”

Yet the man still dreamed, and the skies still shone
The man’s once longing to you he made known
How can we look! And mock and stare
When all his burdens Christ too did bare

Of man’s own worth, we all comprise
Something Special, within his eyes
A lifelong journey we must also take
To be the stars that heaven make

This poor man’s soul does now soar free
From death depart, Mankind shall see
Here on earth we too must try
To clear the mud out from our eyes

Ring out Wild Bells! Bright Music sing
Joy and Calm, The Night does bring
Soon rejoice in Greater Light
When and earth and heaven meet
On that wondrous Starry Night

By Bryan Clark