Friday, January 17, 2014

Some Things Old, Some Things New, Somethings Borrowed, Some Things Blue

Hidey ho Comrades (as I speak this in my head like "Come-rahd-ees").

7 months since my last blog post all the way from the DR. Yep.  It's been awhile.... This sounds like the relationship I have with most of my journal entries. Hm. that's not good. This blogging business is harder than I anticipated.

New year, new resolutions of course, and new found energy to achieve my goals. At least enough for this post. It's been a wave of ups and downs for me. Most downs because I like to wallow in self inflicted misery, seeing as I believe the world owes me more (*and a minor few downs because of legitimate reasons); and most ups because selfless, kind people that I have in my life see when it's time to throw down the rope and pull me out. Thank you to those beautiful, kind acquaintances of mine.

I want to be better. And I hope to prove that with my actions this year. Not just make hollow promises.

Seeing as its a new year, I do want to update myself and you all to give an accounting on what I hope to accomplish this new year as well as share some memorable moments from these previous few months. Alfred Tennison wrote "“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come,  whispering 'it will be happier'...” ". I love that quote (mind you I did just happen to find it after a google search on new year's quotes, hoping to sound more well read than I actually am).

Here are my tidbits of hope, illuminating the coming year, as well as shining light from the year left behind:

July 2013

I was in the Dominican Republic with HEFY, helping to build classrooms for a less privileged community. It was a sacred, special experience for me. I miss my fellow HEFYer's and Dominican Brothers and Sisters dearly. I was in love with that whole experience and it was a hard breakup for me.

August 2013

I enjoyed parties, swimming and last minute excursions before school began. I also began a new job with Grass Valley, which has treated me well. I also moved into a house where I was able to buy and experience the luxury of having a Queen sized bed.

September-December 2013

I braved the school semester. It was my last one before graduation, and admittedly so, it was a great struggle to go to class. I did find myself in the unfortunate circumstance many mornings of sleeping in and watching all the seasons of Parks and Recreation over again. To say the least it was not my best semester or a great bang at the end. But man do I have a love crush on Amy Poehler (If I could spend an afternoon with anyone it would be her, well. and also Zoey Deschanel and Kristen Wiig. They are all so great).

I also managed to have a couple small adventures to Park City and Las Vegas. It was awesome.

December 2013

I finish school. I also get my own apartment in Sandy (saweet!). And I enjoyed a lovely break with my beautiful family and friends.

So that pretty much brings you all to where I now am. So for the year of 2014, here's my vision:

1. Be healthy ( I've grown an unsatiable appetite for McDonald's Mc Doubles... I know, for shame. I also gave up exercise as a priority and have become fat. At least I feel that way). So more specifically, no soda or fast food this year (which I've already failed horribly at).
2.Get up early. Yep. I let the college life corrupt me into staying up late and waking up even later. It needs to stop self.
3. Use my Time More Wisely. Oh Pinterest. You dastardly thief of time. And I will also admit I'm a facebook/instagram addict. To think I spend so much of my life stalking the lives of others I hardly ever have physical contact with.
4.  Learn to play the guitar. My sister Alisha so graciously bought me one for Christmas (thanks sis). My dream is to be sexy James Morrison with a Taylor Swift romance kind of vibe.... A guy can dream, can't he?
5. Update a weekly food blog. I do love to cook. And I think this could be fun. And
6. Run a Marathon in 3:05-3:15. The Boston qualifying time for a man my age is 3:05:00. I'm so close.
7. Learn to play the piano by ear. I listen to a lot of Emile Pandolfi, and he's inspired me so much to be better.
8. Find direction in my future academic pursuits/career. I'm at a crossroads right now. Well, I've been there for a while now. But I'm still figuring this out.
9. Master something difficult. I'd love to build a house. Or learn construction. I gained a love and unhealthy addiction to the HGTV channel over Thanksgiving break (Property Brothers). I think doing stuff like that would be so cool.

And those are the visionary goals I have for myself this year (that I'm willing to share).

So here's to a wholehearted 2014. Bring it on!

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