Saturday, March 8, 2014


Hey guys. For this post,  I thought I would share a few humorous/light hearted observations I've made over the past few weeks. Hope you can enjoy and or relate:

#1. Dieting is hard.

#2. Sleeping in after you wake up is just wasting time. It only makes you regret it later. So when you wake up, stay up.

#3. Back workouts are my least favorite workouts. Aside from the fact that I just purely don't enjoy it, it doesn't help you can't even directly see the results of your actions. Hmph.

#4. Most of the people at the gym are weird. They dress down like they are from the 60's or 70's or they dress up to impress without really working out.

#5 Watching older people in a aerobic class makes for very cheap and fun entertainment.

#6. There is nothing like snuggling up with a cold blanket.

#7. A Walk to Remember is still one of my favorite movies to this day and never fails to make me cry.

#8. Sandra Bullock is heaven sent.

#9. Muscle Milk tastes good but is too expensive. I mean really, $3 a bottle (on sale)?! For crimeny

#10. I like big muscles and I can not lie

#11. The initial push to get out and work your butt off is hard, but once you get into it, it's enjoyable and fulfilling.

#12 Feeling healthy is awesome.

#13. I love looking good and staring at good looking people. It's in my human nature.

#14 My latest pump  song has been“One in a Million” from Miss Congeniality. I hear it and I just want to get my legs moving.

#15. I love happy, influential, beautiful, fun loving people. Who aren't afraid to look good, smile, laugh and make fun of themselves and make the world a better place.

#16 Naked's green smoothie is the most disgusting drink I've ever had. It's like thrown up vomit, but without the gag reflex.

#17. Lucky 13's (in Salt Lake) blue cheese burger is the best burger I've ever had. It's changed my life.

#18. Zoey Deschanel is my older sista from another mista. Except she doesn't know about it yet...

#19. My idea of the best day involves three things: #1 Parks and Recreation, #2 Costco Pizza #3. Staying in bed, absolutely all day.

#20. Sometimes I get the urge to throw things (ie food, water, pillows, rocks, grenades, etc.)  I always find it hilarious and playful, but most people (aka my victims) find this quite the opposite. I'm not sure why.

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  1. Way to go keeping your healthy goals! I find way too many excuses not to exercise.. :) keep going!