Friday, June 27, 2014

Here I am: Take Me or Leave Me

Just in case you don't follow my facebook newsfeed, here's the link to my coming out video:


  1. Hi Bryan,

    Thanks for posting the YouTube video! I wanted to reach through my computer and give you a big hug. I've been visiting with Mormon missionaries for the last three months(I'm from California) and will be baptized soon.I know that the church is true and my eternal destiny lies with Heavenly Father. The only thing that's been causing me hesitation is the fact that I am gay. I don't know how I'll live within the church having the feelings that I do and sometimes I have doubts because I think it will most likely be a lonely road. I don't know if I'll end up with a man or woman, but I really don't think I can change the way I feel. Just like you, my sexuality is not all of me, but it is an important part. I think your video was a message from God for me to move further towards my baptism and it spoke to my heart. I'll be following your blog and hope to hear more about your journey. You're so brave :)



  2. Dorian,

    Thank you so much for your message! This is not an easy road to be on, and I'll tell ya it's been the hardest thing I've ever done as it's been the hardest week for me trying to take it all on. But with that said I've found strength and comfort in your support for me. I don't know what will happen, but I know it will be for my best as I can see for you. May God be with you my dear friend and please feel free to come to me for anything you may need.

    Sincerest Regards,
    Bryan Clark