Wednesday, June 4, 2014

More Random but Well Thought Out Worthwhile Thoughts

  1.  Suspenders in my opinion are definitely cool. They give you this mature and sophisticated look while still appearing youthful.
  2. I read rumors online that Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans are dating. Sweet lemon pie I hope it's true. And that they make super babies
  3.  Sometimes I worry I may dry the state of Utah from all the water I drink and use in cleaning myself.
  4.  Food can be so evil. It says "Hey! Look at me, I look and taste so delicious!". When it doesn't tell you is that it wants to kill you with fatness.
  5.  I'm pretty sure blinkers are pretty important in driving safely. If someone could inform the majority of drivers of this that would be helpful. So they don't die of course.
  6.  I think Celine Dion was one of those elected angels in heaven who God sent to earth to make us all feel bad about ourselves.
  7.  Kids are super duper cute. I really want a black one. So if you know of a way please let me know
  8.  I've been watching backflipping videos on youtube (really awesome) because I want to do it, but I'm scared to death of ending up like a broken egg. Anybody hear my pain?
  9.  I'm pretty sure floss does more damage to my gums than benefit. Maybe I also shouldn't yank it down there. Oh well. Yeah.
  10.  I haven't eaten my Breyer's ice cream in my freezer for over a week now. What the! I'm so proud
  11. I really want to become famous just so I can go on Ellen Degeneres's show and be scared by her in the bathroom. It's a bucket list item of mine.
  12. It's amazing how much you can do with your life when you don't spend it stalking people on facebook or youtube all day. 
  13. I have to wonder sometimes at the gym when I see Personal Trainers helping others at the gym, and aren't at all in shape, how on earth I could trust them in getting me in shape.
  14. I watch the Bachelorette. Yes, I do.. But I have two wonderful reasons: The girl (Andi Dorfman) is beautiful. #2 Eric Hill, the Utah contestant who was on it and has since passed away (so sad), attended BYU, so I feel it's part of school pride to celebrate. Don't judge me. 
  15. Sometimes when I'm bored and at home, I'll stare at my dog and make up conversations in my head of what she's thinking. It's all very intelligent and smart.
  16. Waffles with buttermilk syrup, bacon and eggs is about close as we can get to tasting heaven here on earth.
  17. I've considered attending a OEA (Over Eater's Anonymous) meeting in Salt Lake as I think I may have a problem. Anyone want to go with me?
  18. Life is grand
And here's a poem just because. I've been in the mood and I for some reason think I have a knack for it. Haters gonna hate.

Oh the remarkable wonder to be living and breathing
To make use of that magic the World gives without ceasing
To hold high the medallion of faith, hope and love
And make use of the radiance shined down from Above

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  1. This one made me smile chuckle and tear up all in a matter of minutes. It's such a pleasure reading your thoughts.